We envision three broad programs:


DEAP intends to leverage environmental data to support formal K-2YC education, informal education, and teacher professional development. Examples might include tailoring datasets used in math classes to local environmental topics; building place-based projects for biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and geology classes; incorporating local data into informal education exhibits; supporting school or center-based data collection to complement public datasets; and more.


We investigate questions regarding the collection and dissemination of environmental data. We further aim to develop a suite of instruments and collaborations that will allow us to facilitate data collection, where pre-existing resources are lacking. Finally, we envision a structure through which DEAP can provide an initial summary of environmental data availability and content for community groups.


DEAP intends to support both the Education and Research programs through development and delivery of environmental research experiences. Possible examples include a data or sample collection trip during a single class period, facilitating a field trip to a local environmental lab, helping design a community science project, developing virtual experiences, and more.